Creating from a subconscious space influenced from many primal experiences while living remotely in the Northwest, my work claws at the primordial skin of being a man amongst all the other animals. I find myself dislodged in the striking ineffability of existence, whirling in the cyclical, suggested through the threads I’m weaving: the surreal, the anthropomorphic, and the mythical.

    A state of disbelief, anger, rage, and frustration comes foremost to mind when I think of the world and our interconnected relationship with Nature and all its inhabitants. Current science is hammering our direct and peripheral vision with the catastrophic effects our species is having on the planet, and it’s future. I am paralyzed. Hypocritically speaking, because none of us will ever move until we are on fire, swimming in our own shit, or killing one another over a loaf of bread, I make art as a survival mechanism.

    In time, it will be revealed if my manifested internal visions have created a fool.